When it comes time to participate in an interview make sure to dress appropriately. Treat your college entrance interview the same way that you would as a serious job interview. Be polished, neat and save your shorts, flip flops and tank tops for a day at the beach. Wearing a shirt, tie, skirt or suit is your best bet and it demonstrates that you’re sincere about the process.

Although your parents or guardian may be accompanying you on your university scouting adventure, an interview is not the time or the place for them. Your interview is meant to show your maturity, poise and ability to articulate why you’re interested in becoming a prospective student.

Stay Focused
College-bound students who are transitioning from high school to university-based education need to be dedicated every step of the way. In other words, senior year may seem like a great opportunity to celebrate with friends, however, it can negatively effect your grades. A slip in GPA can make a big difference in getting rejected from a college that you may have had your heart set on.

On the other hand, the most exciting part of the application process is getting your acceptance letter. In the event that you’ve received multiple invitations you’ll need to decide on what college is best for you. Don’t forget to send out formal letters declining attendance to schools that you don’t select.

Graduate School
The one thing that grad students have going for them is experience. You’ve been through the application process, completed your bachelor’s degree and now you’re ready to embark on a journey toward higher-level learning. But before you begin you’ll want to make sure that all your ducks are in a row so that you can maximize your chances for progressing into a master’s program that best meets your needs.

Be prepared to do some studying for your entrance exams and plan on taking them as early as possible. Tests like the GRE, LSAT and MCAT cost a decent amount of money to take so you’ll want to make your exams count when you take them.

In addition to gathering your high school transcripts, you’ll also need to include copies of your undergraduate transcripts. Just like the entrance exams, give yourself ample time to send out the request, receive the transcripts and submit them to your future college.

Graduate schools want to see letters of recommendation from your undergraduate professors so be prepared to request and gather from your instructors. Additionally, you’ll be required to submit an essay with your application. What makes a grad school essay different from an undergrad essay is that most prospective students will have to answer a specific question that relates to their field of study. Here, you can use the essay to show off what you’ve learned and how you’ll apply it.