Whether you’re interested in becoming a teacher or a biophysicist, your chosen field of study in college will play a significant role in the type of career that you choose to pursue. Although some students find themselves studying subjects based solely on interest and curiosity, the vast majority will spend the next few years building a solid foundation in a specific area that’s career related.

The world’s your oyster as you embark on your college adventure. Determining what motivates you  the most in terms of a career is part of what will help you declare a major. If you are interested in helping others through government work then perhaps a degree in social sciences is a good fit. But if you’re consumed with the intricacies of the human body then maybe you’re bound for medical school to become a physician.

Some degrees offer high-earnings potential and if a hefty salary is a motivating factor then you may want to consider some of these careers:

There’s a considerable amount of education and training that goes into becoming a physician. Depending upon what career path you choose, you may have a longer period of study versus others. General medicine doesn’t take nearly as long as a specialty field like neuroscience to complete. A bachelor’s degree, plus medical degree, residency and specialty study are required.

Beyond an undergraduate degree, orthos/dentists need to complete an additional four years of dental school, plus two to three years of ortho training if they enter that specific field. Orthos/dentists are responsible for oral surgeries, teeth cleaning and cosmetic procedures.

A psychiatrist prescribes medicine as part of a course of therapy. They’re educational requirements are similar to doctors because they require a bachelor’s, medical school and residency training.

Engineering managers
Whether you’re a chemical, mechanical or software engineer, you’ll need a manager. Most senior level engineers have a masters or PhD in their respective field, plus they provide business guidance and leadership experience to teams of engineers.

Many pilots are required to have a bachelor’s degree, as well as complete flight school training and  a minimum of 250 flight hours in order to qualify for a license.

A broad field of study, attorneys can specialize in many types of law, such as family, environmental, corporate and criminal. A bachelor’s degree and three years of law school are required. Many attorneys will move on to become judges through local county elections.

Marketing manager
Many marketing managers need an MBA in addition to their bachelor’s degree. This enables them to be well versed in business, management and economics so that they can utilize their creativity in lucrative ways to build and enhance brands.

Understanding how medicine works and what prescriptions can be used in tandem with one another is only the tip of the iceberg for a pharmacist. You also need to complete your bachelor’s degree and attend four years of professional study at a pharmacy school to earn your PharmD degree.