Regardless of what career you choose, it’s always a smart idea to investigate job sectors that are on the rise with predictable growth. After all, a college degree is an investment in your future so you’ll want to make sure to put it to good use and make it work for you. Some of fields with faster than average job growth are detailed below:

Network systems analysts
This is a fast-paced career that involves staying on top of new technological advancements and being able to share sound advice. Analysts work with individuals and businesses to provide recommendations on computer infrastructures, suggestions on system optimization and testing of network architecture. As the Internet continues to grow, this career will grow in demand and need.

For people interested in research, finding cures and learning how to help others through science, a career in the biomedical field is a perfect fit. This is a rapidly growing sector for engineers and biochemists and it typically requires a doctorate degree if you’re pursuing an advanced position, otherwise a bachelor’s degree will get you in the door.

Physician assistants (P.A.)
Doctors have become heavily burdened with guidelines, protocols and rules within the U.S. healthcare system. As a result, P.A. jobs have been on the rise. With a doctor’s supervision, a P.A. is able to write prescriptions, provide diagnosis and interact with most patients on the same level as a physician. This position typically requires a master’s degree.

Environmental engineers
Going green is not a trend it’s a worldwide mandate. Working with companies and businesses to address global concerns and implement green solutions is what most engineers do. Everything from water, air and pollutant management falls into the list of typical job functions for an environmental engineer.

Physical therapists (P.T.)
Helping people of all ages to gain better mobility and to assist them with preventative planning to minimize future injuries is part of what physical therapists do. While most P.T.s have a masters degree, it’s not required to enter this rapidly growing field.

Software engineers
From gaming and online applications to business systems, software engineers are the folks who are behind the development of creating and building computers, software and overall technology. This career field continues to be in high demand and offers job security and advancement.

Financial advisors
One of the primary reasons that this field is on the rise is due to the increasing number of Baby Boomers who are reaching retirement age. Being able to offer solid financial guidance on investments and savings for young and older individuals is growing by leaps and bounds. A bachelor’s degree will get you started in the field.